Focus #1: Supporting Teachers, Classrooms and Students


The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools has partnered with, a 21st Century approach to connecting donors to directly support local classrooms.

Through, teachers are empowered to fund supplies and grants for the classroom and beyond. Once funding is achieved, requested materials will be shipped directly to teachers, removing the hassle of traveling back and forth to our Teachers' Warehouse.

The Foundation encourages teachers to visit, register and create project pages to meet classroom needs. Donors are encouraged to visit the website and explore exciting projects happening in Oklahoma City Public Schools. 

Matching Funds

The Foundation provides matching funds for projects meeting the following criteria: 

  • Project must be posted by an OKCPS teacher
  • Total project cost including tax, labor fees and donation to must be less than $1,000
  • Limit two projects a year per teacher

You can learn more about with this detailed guide


Partnership Funding Program

The Foundation assets and earnings are distributed through programs of The Foundation including “Partnership Funding Program (PFP) Pass-Through” grants to schools and the District.

Liability for the project’s successful completion and any related issues rests solely with the responsible entity, designated school and/or organization. The Foundation acts as fiduciary agent and will accept donations, hold donations and distribute funds according to the agreement outlined below.

A Partnership Funding Program Project must meet the following criteria to be eligible as a PFP fund:

• Consistent with the tax exempt status of The Foundation;

• Fits the mission and general charitable purpose of The Foundation;

• Supports a project or projects that cannot be funded through other sources such as school budgets or federal funds;

• Responds to an expressed need of a school(s);

• Clearly demonstrates collaboration between the school(s) and donor or donor group;

• Does not divert resources from The Foundation’s existing programs (gifts are in addition to, not in lieu of, existing gifts to The Foundation’s programs).

• Process for establishing a PFP includes a meeting with Foundation president/CEO and/or director of operations to review project. Upon approval, a PFP agreement must be signed by appropriate parties.

To establish a PFP, contact Newt Brown at 405-604-5977 or