Focus #2: Support Efforts to Recruit and Retain Urban-Ready, Top Quality Teachers

The student population in OKCPS is 54 percent Hispanic, and over 40 languages are spoken within the district. The need to recruit and retain bilingual teachers continues to rise. To improve communication with English language learners, the Foundation provides pathways to bilingual teaching careers and is also expanding other effective programs, like the Diversity Pipeline Program (DPP), to grow our teacher workforce that mirrors our student population.

Our mission is to advance excellence and create champions throughout our school system, and through these programs, we can develop strong relationships in our communities to create lasting change.

Teacher Pipeline Programs

To drive diversity efforts within Oklahoma City Public Schools, both the Bilingual and Diversity Teacher Pipeline Programs will enhance our education workforce and engage students for success.

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Urban Teacher Preparation Academy

The Urban Teacher Preparation Academy provides valuable tools to prepare teachers for entering the urban school environment.

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OKCPS High School to Teacher Pathway

Through the OKCPS High School to Teacher Pathway program, The Foundation recruits high school students to fill paraprofessional positions in OKCPS while they attend college through the Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Project.

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